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Marietta Homeless Authority's 

Board Members of 2020

Kathy Bradham

Founder/Director of Programs, Head Chair of the Board

Shade Masha

Pastor, Member of Board

Chris Goss

Pastor, Board Member

Leslie Oguchi

Lawyer, Member of Board

Veronica Bradham

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Zoe Kakou

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Amun Cosme

Fitness Pofessional & Business Consultant, Member of the board

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Owner and Founder of the Marietta Homeless Authority, as well as the Amazing Grace Learning Academy, Kathy Bradham has paved the road to allow for the betterment of all those in need in the Marietta community.  Kathy Bradham was born and raised in Marietta, GA.  As a graduate from Mercer University and the mother of three children, Kathy Bradham has witnessed the full gamut of the struggles and hardships families can face in Marietta, GA.  Her post-graduate experience has allowed her to work with many individuals of varying economic backgrounds and through all of those experiences, there has been a resounding theme amongst those she has worked with: people in need don't just want handouts, but a way out of their situation.  In founding the Marietta Homeless Authority, Kathy strives to bring individuals and families out of their current situation through intervention programs that promote responsible finances, encourage employment, and assist with food, clothing and healthcare.

After 24 years serving in the pastoral ministry, Chris Goss is senior pastor and founder of the Whole Armor of God Outreach Ministries in Marietta, Ga. His heart and passion is to see youth and young adults build their relationship with God. He enjoys serving the community and works to ensure it thrives.

Pastor Shade Masha is a strong community leader and done work in the community since 1995. She is actively demonstrating her love and compassion to those in need in the areas of food, clothing, toys, and shelter. She is currently serving as the Director of Marketplace Missions and co-pastors with her husband at Faith International Church in Marietta, Georgia. She operates with many prophetic gifts and ministers in prophetic dancing. As a graduate from the University of Lagos with a master degree in International Law and Diplomacy, her desire is to see those at the bottom of the ladder be raised up to fulfill their destinies is why she works with MHA, serving as a liaison between the needy and the those that are in the position to work with them.

Originating from Houston, TX, Leslie Oguchi is a corporate attorney for Andrews Kurth LLP with a specialization in mergers and acquisitions. She believes that every human being desires to live and prosper without fear, hunger or suffering.  As a result, it has become her obligation to ensure that as many people as possible are able to achieve these desires by empowering the homeless and helping to build up the community through involvement with organizations such as the Marietta Homeless Authority.

Marietta Homeless Authority

Bringing HOPE to families in need!

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