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Our Services

The Marietta Homeless Authority is constantly offereing a variety of services each month to address the varying needs of the community. However, despite these varied needs, we strive to offer food, clothing and key development skills each week. The week at a glance calendar below outlines each of those daily services offered. Click a service for more info.


We also offer these events







10A - 2P

50% OFF Purchases by Senior Citizens


Inventory includes clothing for men, women and children, jewelry, furniture, household products, and electronics


10A - 2P


10A - 2P


10A - 2P


12P - 2P


These workshops vary each month, but the focus of these workshops center around resume building and interview skills


10A - 1P


Teaches skills of self-sufficient gardening to assist with financial stability and builds a stronger sense of community


10A - 2P


10A - 2P

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Thrift Store
Thrift Store

The Marietta Homeless Authority receives clothing, furniture and appliance donations throughout the year for the trhift store. The profits of the thrift store go towards our emergency utilities relief program for the poverty stricken, recently unemployed and multiple family households. If you would like donate clothing or any in-kind goods, please contact us.

Food Bank
Food Bank Distributions

The Food Bank receives donations of canned goods, bread products and non-perishable items from Big Lots!, Marketplace Ministries, and members of the community. Every Tuesday and Thursday a 15 lb bag of food is given to persons in need - be they homeless, in jeopardy of homelessness, or transitioning out of homelessness.  Every Wednesday and Saturday the food bank is restocked. This would not be ossible without contributions from members of the community. If you would like to donate food to help those in need, let us know. Looking for more information on organizing a food drive, look no further. Here are some quick steps.

Career Workshop
Career Development Workshops

Career Development Workshops are run by volunteers of the community, approved by the director and board  and range from resume building to what not to do during interviews.  If you are interested in attending these workshops, please contact us for scheduling information.  If interested in running a workshop please identify your interest on our volunteer page.

Community Garden
Community Garden

We work to cultivate healthy foods to distribute in MHA's food bank and to educate the community of healthy living alternatives and the benefits of gardening! Each season we receive seed donations from different organizations to sow into our garden. We educate the community about the health benefits involved in the gardening process and eating the fruits of its harvest. Volunteers from the community come out regularly to help us garden.  These efforts are greatly appreciated.  

Join us as we give back to ourselves as we give to the community. 

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Marietta Homeless Authority

Bringing HOPE to families in need!

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