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About Us

Our Mission
The Marietta Homeless Authority's mission is to increase the amount of resouces available to the homeless population by partnering with agencies in the community and providing services to individuals in order to improved the welfare of the homeless person and their household.
Focus and Committed  

It is the Marietta Homeless Authority's goal to implement a very focused group of services aimed at identifying and addressign the needs of our community, restoring and supporting families and individuals in and at risk of poverty and homelessness. Our progarms specifically target the neglected homeless population in Marietta and its neighboring areas.

How We Do It

By partnering with organization in our community and at large, we are able to offer financial assistance, housing assistance, food, clothing and family-help resources. Each month we hold a variety of workshops to promote awareness and to build upon job skills in an effort to bring our community out of homelessness and poverty.

Marietta Homeless Authority

Bringing HOPE to families in need!

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